Piezoelectric System
Sternal ZipFix System
Titanium Sternal Fixation System
MatrixRIB Fixation System
Soft Tissues
XCM Biologic Tissue Matrix
MatrixMIDFACE Plating System
MatrixMIDFACE Preformed Orbital Plates
MatrixCOMBO Plating System
MatrixORTHOGNATHIC Plating System
Craniofacial Modular Fixation System
Orthognathic Modular Fixation System
The Orthodontic Bone Anchor (OBA) System
Rapid IMF
Universal Screw Removal Set
Titanium Wire with Barb and Needle
Titanium Wire with Needle
Mandible Modular Fixation System
Mandible External Fixator
Rapid IMF
Subcondylar-Ramus Fixation Set
Basic Trocar System
Mandible Plate Bender-Cutters
Condylar Head Add-On System
Universal Screw Removal Set
The Orthodontic Bone Anchor (OBA) System
Fixed-Swivel Screwdriver Handle
Mandible External Fixator II
MatrixMANDIBLE Plating System
MatrixMANDIBLE Preformed Reconstruction Plates
MatrixCOMBO Plating Set
Low Profile Neuro System
Patient Specific Implants
Titanium Cranial Flap Tube Clamps
chronOS® Bone Graft Substitute
DBX® Demineralized Bone Matrix
RapidSorb® Resorbable Fixation System​​​
SynPOR® Porous Polyethylene Implants​​​ ​​
Distraction Osteogenesis
Multi-Vector Distractor
Alveolar Ridge Distractor
External Midface Distractor
Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) Distractor
Maxillary Distractor
Curvilinear Distractor
Midface Distractor
Titanium Single Vector Distractor
Dentoalveolar Surgery
Power Tools

Synthes CMF serves a diverse, multi-specialty, surgeon community. Our deep-rooted surgeon partnerships are evident in the comprehensive systems offered within each specialty. Quality and superior patient outcomes are our primary focus during the design and manufacture of each implant.

Our flagship CMF systems provide a complete array of implants and instruments for the treatment of facial trauma, tumor resection and reconstruction. Our focus is on supplying a variety of treatment options in the mandibular and maxillofacial skeleton.

Synthes CMF Neuro products emphasize ease of use and patient comfort. Innovative low-profile systems, intuitive clamps and unique patient specific implants highlight some of the products available to satisfy the diverse needs of the neurosurgeon.

The Synthes CMF product offering also includes treatment solutions for complex thoracic procedures. These systems afford a large selection of products to stabilize and promote fusion in the sternum and ribs.

Bone graft substitutes and resorbable fixation products are integral to the success of the Synthes CMF portfolio. These materials provide essential bone grafting needs as well as fixation solutions for the growing skeleton.

Combining quality with sound clinical understanding, Synthes CMF offers a product portfolio that is continuously improving through the development and incorporation of new materials and technologies. Examples include the Piezoelectric System and DePuy Synthes TRUMATCH® CMF Solutions.

​​​​​ ​

Please refer to the package insert for a complete list of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings.

For further information on Synthes products, please contact your local Synthes representative.​​​



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