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Synthes (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthes Inc., with a local AO Alumni Association Chapter in Southern Africa with a trustee. Synthes can look back on more than 56 years of successful development and growth. It entered South Africa 26 years ago, trading first as Synthes South Africa (Pty) Ltd, then as Mathys South Africa Pty Ltd and since May 2004 as Synthes (Pty) Ltd.

Today Synthes (Pty) Ltd. employs over 60 people. Its head office is located in Johannesburg, with five sales office branches in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London and Bloemfontein. The head office in Johannesburg also acts as sales office for the Gauteng region, namely Johannesburg and Pretoria including the outlying areas of the Province.

Synthes in South Africa is recognized as a competent partner in surgery and orthopaedics. Innovation has been a constant company policy since our earliest days. We keep a close watch on developments, materials and processing techniques and push on with new technologies and materials to reach production stage quickly. Time after time this has enabled us to give new impulses to surgical and medical techniques, and to revolutionize them by trend-setting new developments. We regard it as our duty that our services should give surgeons the means of restoring movement to people who suffer. We will continue our efforts to make an important contribution to the technological progress that will ultimately benefit patients and people who suffer in South Africa.

To achieve further progress and breakthroughs, surgeons and technicians, researchers and practitioners, development engineers and users depend on a continual dialogue and the exchange of experience. This is why Synthes in South Africa collaborates closely with clinics, hospitals, surgeons and professional institutions. In its development work Synthes South Africa also keeps in close touch with its headquarters and principle companies in the United States and Europe.

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